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The artists and designers of the future have been educated at St. Joost School of Art & Design in Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This institute has been a highly renowned art school for more than 200 years and offers outstanding education in the fine arts with a strongly personalised approach. St. Joost School of Art & Design is part of Avans University of Applied Sciences, which has been rated the best university of applied sciences in the Netherlands for many years. Our students are well prepared for a career in the world of the visual arts, design and the creative industry.

Students at St. Joost School of Art & Design can choose from 4 bachelor’s degree programmes:

Art & Research
New Design & Attitudes
Illustrated & Animated Storytelling
Photography, Film & the Digital

Our Master Institute of Visual Cultures offers English-language master’s degree programmes in the field of Animation, Ecology Futures, Situated Design and Visual Arts & Post-Contemporary Practice, all of which are a perfect continuation of our bachelor’s degree programmes.

We care
Especially now, when changes follow one another at such a rapid pace, there is a big demand for people who are able to assess, define and examine things from another perspective. We believe that artists and designers play a role of paramount importance in our society through their ability to teach us to look at the world and the enormous challenges facing us in a different way. At our school, there is plenty of space for diversity and inclusiveness, and our curriculum contributes to Sustainable Development Goals such as gender neutrality, sustainability and climate action.

We create
Students at St.Joost School of Art & Design are given all the liberty they need to create as well as to decide what they want to get out of their studies. The possibilities are infinite, and include AR, VR, 3D printing, programming, photography and film, as well as ceramics, wood, metal and new bio-based materials for a sustainable world. We offer access to the most advanced technology and techniques in our technology labs, studios and workshops.

We connect
We believe that progress can only be achieved through cooperation. This is something we engage in wholeheartedly through our regional, national and international network. We play a key role in this respect at creative events such as BredaPhoto and festivals like Graphic Matters and Playgrounds. In addition, we collaborate with partners such as Stedelijk Museum Breda and Design Museum Den Bosch. We also give our students an opportunity to participate in real-life projects with external clients, such as Submarine, Nickelodeon, the Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre, Blind Walls, Cultuurnacht and the Dutch daily newspaper NRC. Do you have ideas for working together on a project, education, event, please contact us.

+31 88 525 7302

Beukenlaan 1
4834 CR Breda

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Parallelweg 21
5223 AL ‘s‑Hertogenbosch

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We thank our extraordinary students, tutors and employees of St. Joost School of Art & Design for their devotion, effort, time spent and cooperation to make this Graduation Show happen.

We also thank our partner HeyHeydeHaas – responsible for the concept, graphic design, webdesign and artdirection of NOWSHOW campaign and online platform, and in particular Jeroen Braspenning for realisation of this online platform.