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The Horse as your own reflection

Telinda, It’s me, researches the intimate connection between humans and horses and takes a look at the way how we relate to aging animals. For this we take a look at the story of Elly, she retired her twenty year old horse Telinda at de Paardenkamp in Soest. After Elly had taken this hard decision, she started looking for a new and younger horse and that is how she met It’s Me. He is a cheerful gelding of 10 years old. The goal of this project is to make people think about their attitude in relation to aging animals. Ask yourself this question: Are we as much in love with our animal companions when they get older, grey and less energetic? Or is your love unconditional until the very last moment?
As a photographer I use my interest in horses as a starting point. I try to find the intimicy between humans and animals to capture this very special connection.