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Winner of St. Joostpenning 2023

Sculpting, making images as composing music. composition. make sculptures as music compositions. You need to listen to perform. You need to listen to care. To relate and to be next to them, to be with each other, to be aware of that, is a form of care.

My practice mainly manifests itself through sculpture and performance. Movement is an element that has altered the main focus in between these disciplines. It’s not only visible through the human body; you will find it in image, sound, molecules, atoms, material, smell. Foam rubber, the primary material in my practice, embodies industrial shapes / isolation, but also tenderness / intimacy, masculine / feminine qualities that appear in it. Unlearning this material from its original purpose, not knowing and investing into this non existing technique / queering way of sculpting, is responsible for re-addressing my actions and relations. The word body refers to the content // capacity of a space, anything, a thing | something you can hold hug fill up/empty | squeeze volume out of // ?size?;/make room for. Collectively to take care of each other and shape the performative landscapes where we share our time. To be aware of the body is to take care of space.