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It is a search for how artistry goes beyond imagery, how it can provide a rhythmic anchor in everyday life.

“Experiencing resonance transforms us, and it’s precisely this transformation that makes us feel alive.” (Rosa, 2020, p. 34)

What is the ultimate form or experience of resonance? Where does resonance arise?

My artistic practice is increasingly becoming a way of life. Neurodiversity plays a major role in this, not as a limitation but as a fact that determines the conditions of working. During physical work with slower processes, such as forging metal and drawing large-scale ballpoint pen drawings on fabric, the materials acquire properties that can only arise in reciprocal collaboration. During the making process, the work develops its own voice. Striking the metal has a liberating effect. The ‘heavier’ physical work is necessary to get into a certain state of being; I experience the mental space that is created as the ultimate form of resonance. Through making, I look for such moments.