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My ambition for this project, and my role as a designer, is to make people think about the silly things in life that are normally overlooked, and to share the humor and beauty of the world that we all experience differently.

A first date, many of us have experienced it. I speak from experience when I say that awkward moments can hardly be avoided in this situation. These awkward moments are mainly the foundation of my project.

“A first date” is a reflection on how this same discomfort plays a role in our, and my personal, search for connection and love. It became clear that the greatest discomfort for me would be when I could not share this with anyone.

I use a combination of experimental research and ceramics to create an experience that is both humorous and awkward. This project highlights the human tendency to take malicious pleasure in the uncomfortable moments of others, while also showing the vulnerability and courage needed to endure these moments.