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A short animation about very different characters, struggling over a magic pearl; one for love, the other because they made the mistake of stealing it.

This 2D animated short, “Against the Current,” follows the story of a robot desperately chasing after a little fish who stole a magical pearl from it. The robot, in love with a mermaid who resides in the underbelly of the city, had sought the pearl for its ability to grant any creature legs. This chase results in the fish gaining a very literal “leg”-up as it tries to evade the robot’s grasp.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the idea of a robot and a mermaid being in love, drawn to the contrast between the two characters. It was important for me to challenge myself as an animator, which is why I chose to animate a story filled with action and movement. Consequently, the story revolves around this unfortunate interaction between the fish and the robot.