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With this installation, I invite my audience to actively engage with the work, and encourage them to explore and embrace its ephemeral nature while offering a respite from the chaos of modern life.

The sun shines in, you look at the wall and discover a dancing shadow play from the fluttering curtains. Natural phenomena such as shadows or reflections have always fascinated me. There is a certain beauty in the everyday. It is changeable yet infinite.

This installation explores the beauty in simplicity, in the ordinary yet extraordinary moments from everyday life while questioning the chaos and busy stimuli of modern Western society.

The fleeting rays of sunlight on the empty canvases symbolize the power of light and its ability to create a beauty in everyday moments.

Due to its changing nature, the work is never truly finished and continues to evolve with the changes of light, time and space.
Feel free to be part of this process by creating your own perspectives and interpretations.

Recognize the stillness, discover and embrace the ephemeral character.