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All the nail polish from this finger had already disappeared into my mouth, saliva, then throat and finally stomach. In my stomach was a fingernail's worth of blue nail polish.

Language is shaky and inconsistent, and the questionable features of language offer opportunities for the same questionable way of working. I consider language as a conceptual tool and thus relate to the question of the value of material.

Words translate through each other. In a similar way, I translate mundane objects into carriers of nuances by making small gestures. My works relate to a macro level through minimal interventions. Something is blown up, and made very small. There is simplification by maximizing, and maximization by simplifying, so indifference and engagement meet.

The elements given by space are appropriated, so context and work have a romantic relationship. Does my work dress a space or does the space dress my work? The architectural environment becomes an active participant in my works, of which empty space makes up an important part.

There is a degree of subtlety in understanding as form. Often on a poetic level.