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With my project I want to encourage people to embrace timeless craftsmanship and sustainable living by means of a modular cabinet. Redefine your space, reduce waste and cherish the beauty of lasting quality.

Annually, 11 billion kilograms of furniture are discarded, of which only 10% is recycled. In addition to fast fashion, fast furniture is also a significant environmental problem that receives much less attention. With my project, I want to demonstrate that craftsmanship and sustainability are far more valuable and durable than trends. I have designed a modular cabinet that is assembled using Japanese woodworking joints, also known as sashimono. This technique ensures that the components can always be disassembled, while keeping the construction intact. You can paint it, change its shape, and even its function. As a result, you will be less inclined to buy new trendy furniture; the cabinet will grow with you.