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Chasing your dreams and overcoming adversity is the ideal ending to a success story, but this young artist is at a crossroads, and it seems like his determination to keep trying and succeed is about to break.

Mauro aims to work in the animation industry. This is a dream he’s had ever since he was a child, after watching many cartoons and reading copious amounts of comics.

As a young man, he has decided to pursue that goal. However, after constant rejections, failures, and numerous personal investments with no returns, he quickly realizes that the goal that once brought him happiness has now become his biggest source of frustration and pain.

Destroying everything that once meant the world to him, our young protagonist decides to give up on his lifelong dream in order to save his sanity and mental health.

In this 2D & 3D hybrid animation, we follow how Mauro comes to terms with reality, attempting to make sense of everything that has happened to him by searching for the answers deep within himself. Can this young man rediscover his childhood passion for animation?