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"A bouquet is a composition of different flowers carefully tied together by a florist. This often involves paying attention to composition, color, texture, and the story it intends to tell. These are all elements that I also see within the process of designing a book."

For years I have enjoyed creating books. It is a medium that offers many opportunities to tell and eternalize different stories. The design of a book supports the way in which this story is told. I believe that with research, attention, craftsmanship and lots of love I am able to design a beautiful book about nearly everything. Every story is unique, which I reflect in the design.

With my project ‘Boeket’, I want to show this idea through my fascination for flowers. Flowers are a great source of inspiration for me as a creator. Within ‘Boeket’ I want to show you my experience of flowers. It is a book about flowers, designed as if it were a bouquet of flowers.

I invite you to discover new ways of looking at flowers, but above all to get inspired by the many printing techniques, beautiful materials and the unique binding of the book.