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Our neighborhoods are turning gray, but who are the people behind the remaining green?

55% of private gardens in Tilburg have been paved over, leading to warmer cities, flooding, and declining biodiversity. Not everyone is inclined to pay attention to sustainability. There is a lot of fear and resistance surrounding the climate crisis. Yet, in every neighborhood, there are frontrunners committed to creating greener environments. The project ‘Buurtbloeiers’ gives a voice to these frontrunners from Groenewoud, a neighborhood in Tilburg. Who are they, and what can we learn from them?

Zoë Zegers explores the changing dynamics between people and nature. Through photography, she captures the existing qualities of a community to strengthen and connect them. To achieve this, she works closely with local residents and translates inspiration into action. She prefers to collaborate with foundations or organizations that share similar goals to collectively make an impact at a local and human level.