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An animated short film about the impact of optimism after an apocalypse, supported by an artbook.

In a world filled with flooded streets, high ladders and unstable bridges, ‘Limitation’ is a story about a father who struggles to protect his seven-year-old daughter from the many dangers the apocalypse has brought after losing his leg. How can he keep her safe if his missing leg makes it impossible to keep up with her? Can he be what she needs him to be?

When your limitations endanger the person you love most, it can become difficult to remain positive. This 150-second short film is about guilt, acceptance and, most of all, optimism. When there is no hope, no way to fix your problem, what power does optimism still hold over us?

The artbook ‘Collapsed’ gives an insight into the visual development of this film and two more short stories. These three stories are all based on the same question: ‘How do you live on when the world ends?’