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With a vulnerable connection between you and me, we create an intimate bond.

Zazili Lehr is a creative producer of fiction films. Her work portrays both the vulnerable and strong aspects of human experience, encouraging viewers to empathize with characters and realize they are not alone. By closely portraying the protagonists and their inner worlds and letting emotions speak through silences, viewers can empathize with their joy or pain and recognize their own experiences.

In the two short fictional films “Nevel” and “Pepita,” which marks her graduation as a creative producer, we portray the inner worlds of the two protagonists. 12-year-old Elin, who faces the end of her innocent childhood as she experiences her first menstruation, affecting her self-image and her relationship with her mother. “Nevel” follows 75-year-old Hidde, who, suffering from Alzheimer’s searches for his father. Through his journey the lines blur between past and present. These films address their personal developments and struggles by closely capturing their painful and beautiful moments.