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Making as an invitation to a learning journey, to embrace the unknown and see what’s hidden beneath the surface of our views of reality.
Researching and exploring the world with openness and curiosity, at times scientific but without those limitations.

I’m always searching for new ways to explore and question the world around and inside of me. I’m fascinated by scientific aesthetics, strange, outdated pictures and second-hand medical encyclopedias. A question of science, truth and narrative. Almost science fiction.
Finding its way into materials that lived their own lives, like unknown, found objects and textiles that would have otherwise been discarded.

The world doesn’t need to be cut up to make it easier to consume or understand. Instead we can tilt, expand or rotate our perspectives. Puzzling parts together in a new way. All this while appreciating that this won’t create any full understanding, that there will always remain something beautifully undiscovered.