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As a designer I explore the relationship between interactive art and physical movement. In dance theater, the design of the stage has become an important factor, as it enables dancers to convey more complex ideas and emotions. By interaction and immersion I aim to inspire new ways of dance.

In today’s digital age, many individuals, including myself, feel a disconnect from our bodies, viewing them merely as tools to move from A to B or achieve our goals. I became more aware of this disconnect when I discovered a new passion for dance, blending suddenly my love for sport, movement, and creative expression. My project focuses on what I call ‘A New Media Scenography’. In dance theater, stage design is crucial for allowing dancers to convey complex ideas and emotions. By designing stage space and using digital interactive (new media) tools, I aim to question how stage design can interact with us and inspire new movement exploration. Inspired by this synergy, I aim to bridge my passion for digital art with physical movement, hoping to connect people and inspire them to move. This goal is at the heart of ‘Dans les nuages’.