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"There was a longing."

She steps outside to stand in the sun. She lies down, outside or inside, with her eyes closed. She notices that words are coming, and so the moment of rest turns into a rush of thoughts about the space between you and me.

Cyann Behr explores interpersonal, intersubjective space; the space we share. The space between people is sometimes literal, sometimes metaphorical. She examines spaces and relationships, and how these different worlds can move parallel to one another. Her research is born from a sense of exile within contact. She delves into the paradoxes of these spaces, where a connection, a unity, based on the desire that is present, can never be truly realized.

Cyann feels the same about her artistic practice and the desire to create. It is reaching, never grasping. Through text and poetry, publication, encounters, and fictional maps, she strives to make these invisible spaces tangible.