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‘’Donating an organ is like still living in the body of another, and allowing another to overcome his death. It's like giving birth to a new life, it has the creative act within it.’’ – Maria Loss

A few years ago, I suddenly lost my brother Tim. After his death, the doctors asked us if he was a donor, to which I didn’t know the answer. After all, I was just 17 years old and had never really thought about organ donation. However, my brother had talked about it and had discussed it with my parents. Because of that, we could honor his wish to donate his organs.

After this, I became more aware of organ donation and my own decision to become a donor. It also made me realize that it’s not talked about enough, even though it is important to do so. By creating these illustrations and a website, I want to give my audience the opportunity to engage more often with the subject. My hope is that they will also be more conscious in making their choice whether or not to become a donor.