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The project "Doorleven" (Living Through) focuses on easing the pain for those left behind after a suicide.

The project Doorleven (Living Through) focuses on easing the pain for those left behind after a suicide, highlighting the crucial journey of grief and the need to open a dialogue on this often stigmatised topic.
In the photo book, Yara guides the audience through the stages of grief, offering a complex story at each stage through photography and poetry.

At the age of 16, Yara lost her best friend to suicide, this caused a source of pain that made her realise the importance of addressing the taboo surrounding this sensitive topic. Witnessing the negative discussions that arose following her friend’s decision to end her own life, she saw the need to create space for understanding and connection, offering comfort to loved ones struggling with the complexities of a traumatic grieving process that can take years.

Yara Schröder is a mixed media artist who contributes to society by raising awareness about mental health and fostering connections. Her work, inspired by taboos surrounding mental health, often has a critical and emotional tone. By using poetry, film, photography and illustration, Yara makes tough topics accessible to a wider audience. She emphasizes our shared humanity and breaks social taboos.

Let’s Live Through it Together.