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"I did not wish to be a part of this mess, but then again, neither did they," Luc thought.

In a world where magic is outlawed and seen as the greatest of sins known to man, being born a natural mage is a death sentence. Such is the unfortunate fate of our protagonist, Luc. In his orphanage, Luc grew up on tales of how the gods sent two dragons of desolation to destroy the kingdom of magic after its people, the mages, broke a sacred taboo. To this day, the dragons still roam the sky and sea, searching for any mages that escaped their wrath.

In a desperate attempt to prevent the kind people of the orphanage from being killed, Luc runs away to join a crew of sea travelers. But even then, the dragons find him. Yet, all is not as it seems, for the beasts appear desperate to keep him alive. But why?