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My art delves into the beauty of life, drawing inspiration from my travels across Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. It reflects themes of material desire and cultural diversity.

Within my work, I explore themes related to the beauty of life – in both ourselves and the world around us. My travels throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Russia provide me with a wealth of cultural references, personal experiences, and inspiration that I bring to my work.

The first series, ‘The Birkin Paradox – Forbidden Fruits,’ features ink drawings of a Hermes Birkin bag with a snake emerging, echoing the Edenic tale. Inspired by my travels to the UAE, the Birkin bag symbolizes a modern-day Edenic apple, with the snake representing the lure of material desires.

The second work I present documents the tales of those I’ve met during my travels. Inspired by Gerhard Richter’s blurring method, it considers depersonalization and preconceived notions. This work highlights cultural diversity and human connectivity.