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A country that is changing so rapidly that we hold on to nostalgia, a boy with adulthood impending and a profession of which the craft doesn’t exist anymore.

‘Een Kerk, Een Vrouw, Een Kroeg’ Inkjet Baryta mounted to aluminum, 2024 Joep Blom (b. 2001), the Netherlands

A country that is changing so rapidly that we cling to nostalgia, a boy facing impending adulthood, and a profession that no longer exists. This journey along the Dutch coastline searches for the remaining places of community, explores our contemporary relationship with the landscape, and calls for mutual trust.

Behind his 4×5” field camera, Joep takes the time to establish a lasting connection with the person in front of his lens through focus and intention. Driven by a desire to travel, he seeks stories beyond the confines of the Randstad: traveling by bike, breaking bread, staying overnight, writing, and collecting to tell multi-layered stories.

For the love of framed images, he values the tactile experience of photography. From photobooks to exhibitions, printed work forms the core of his presentation.

Individual prints from this edition are available for sale.