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"Ga nu maar liggen liefste in de tuin, de lege plekken in het hoge gras, ik heb altijd gewild dat ik dat was, een lege plek voor iemand, om te blijven." -Rutger Kopland

What remains after loss? And what do you leave behind when you move on?
I explore these questions in relation to my childhood home in Breda, where I grew up. I was raised by two mothers. In March 2021, my mother passed away here, which was a significant event for me and our family.
I try to return from stillness to the house and the environment where I grew up, to look for new perspectives on this environment through time in addition to the relationship I already have with it.

The ritualistic aspect of digging, building, and falling that comes with stacking stones is a way for me to slow down. Space is then created for the sensitive, the quiet, the precarious. My work therefore invites for playful, meditative reflection, which, like nature itself, can be harsh but also comforting.