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Endless Daydream is an online webcomic pilot about two characters who get stuck in another person’s fantasy world who try to find their way back home.

Endless Daydream is an online webcomic pilot. It features a young man named Erik who likes to escape reality by daydreaming. In his dreams, he imagines amazing worlds where characters go on adventures to discover new lands and fight monsters. The dreams are perfect, except for one thing: two of the characters in Erik’s dreams refuse to listen to him. They refuse to move and do not obey any of Erik’s lucid commands. What Erik doesn’t know is that these two people aren’t figments of his imagination, but real people living alongside him in the real world. And what these two people, Sascha and Aslan, don’t know is that they are about to get trapped in Erik’s fantasy world. Follow these two strangers as they navigate a foreign world while trying to find their way back home. However… what happens if the fantasy is better than reality?