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Entropolis: questioning the defenition of time.

Kane de Jong, installation artist, photographer & curator, 2024

Entropolis tells the story of an inner pursuit of a world of time without a clock. Doubts about reality and a consistent feeling of dissociation make it difficult for Kane to keep a grip on the passage of time, and therefore, their project questions the definition of this matter. For our brain, the passage of time is nothing more than a comparison between two conditions. So what happens when we are no longer able to make this comparison, and how do we then relate to clock time afterward?

The slide projectors in the installation follow the rhythm of Canto Ostinato, a musical piece written to make people contemplate space and time. The artwork represents a clockwork and shows images of long walks while searching for a new definition of time. In doing so, Kane takes inspiration from the era of Romanticism, in which wandering is seen as an escape from industrial timekeeping.