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My Ode to Womanhood.

Femme is an intimate and personal photographic exploration of societal expectations for women in the Western world. While creating this work, Anne encountered many questions that made her reevaluate her position as a woman in society. She realized that these questions stemmed from societal expectations.

While talking with the portrayed women about expectations, gender roles, intimacy, and bodily autonomy, Anne heard different perspectives, experiences, and ideas. The conversations between model and photographer is the essence of her work, alongside a sober and intimate style of photography in a studio, without others, where empathy, recognition and trust is essential. Through conversations, Anne creates with her models, poses that go against expectations of how a woman needs to behave and present herself.

Anne Bettman (1999) is a photographer, who focuses on documentary and portrait photography. She has a passion for storytelling with a feminist point of view.