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Experience the enchanting city of Stockholm as you've never seen it before.

Everyone knows the beautiful city of Stockholm: the spires, the ornate facades, and the scent of cinnamon buns filling the streets. But did you know this city has a tragic folkloric origin?

For centuries, the area was avoided due to tales of witchcraft. One night, a young fisherman from Lindigön fell asleep on an island and discovered enchanting seals that transformed into nymphs. He took a solitary nymph home, and their love blossomed. On their wedding day, he showed her the lost skin, and she vanished into the sea. Heartbroken, he had the city built in memory of his lost love, hoping for her return.

This concept art project takes you into a book that guides you through this magical city, as if you are walking through it yourself. Come and experience Stockholm in all its romance, beauty, and mystery.