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Crafted with bucketloads of love and dedication, Josephine strives to tell the captivating queer stories she wishes she had available to her as a child.

In ‘Furnace for Lungs’, you follow the journey and unfolding of the sapphic love story between Airin and Guinevere: one an aspiring knight and dragon shifter, the other the somewhat naive daughter of a nobleman.

Guinevere travels to Tujuin City with Airin as her bodyguard, protecting her against possible dangers they may encounter on the road. This mission is Airin’s ‘graduation quest’; upon arrival in Tujuin City, Airin will have to part from Guinevere to be knighted into a knighthood called The Keeper’s Guild.

Together, the duo encounter a multitude of twists and turns on their journey to the city. Will Airin be content with her role as a Keeper once she completes her quest? Will Guinevere detach herself from her privileged roots and make a home for herself in Tujuin City? Only time will tell.