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As a fiction director and writer, I use ethics, text, and visual images to translate complex emotions and social issues that are uncomfortable to discuss. I believe that by engaging in conversations about challenging themes, we can reach a place where we understand each other and ourselves better.

Thoughts Of The Rain, a psychological drama / coming-of-age story about 22-year-old David, who is trapped in the room of his mind with his negative self-image, Ego. Following the memory of a painful evening, David tries to escape through a growing leak in the ceiling. However, by confronting his past, he also reopens old wounds that further deteriorate his relationship with Ego.

With this film, I aim to offer a new perspective on the mental health of young men. Generally, men find it difficult to express their feelings. I hope to show people who are currently struggling that there is a solution in self-acceptance and expressing shame. By delving into someone’s mind, I aim to provide insights into what goes on in the mind of someone who is depressed, so that we can better understand each other.