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My work is often an interactive sensory installation. It deals with feelings and problems that I don't always know how to handle myself. How do others deal with them?

My work consists of a variety of mediums, techniques, and physical objects that are primarily used in, or as part of, an interactive, sensory experience. The core of my art stems from a fragment of myself, often something I personally struggle with. As I reflect upon my inner state, my work pushes those questions to the viewer. What would they think? How would they process these complex emotions? My goal is to make the viewer experience these queries in a subtle way without instantly understanding the full picture.

Pushing boundaries is something I am fascinated by. To take a person out of their comfort zone without warning, or enveloping myself in the controversy that I might create. These methods both compel the viewer to ponder their experience and brand it into their memory. My belief is that you can elicit sincere responses when you catch a person unprepared. The viewer should be surprised, perhaps even shocked, by what they experience.