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My project merges virtual and real worlds to highlight the importance of social interactions.

Certain modern video games instill negative traits in our youth, such as greed and escapism. These traits can seep into their social lives, making it challenging to form connections with others. Some gamers even lose touch with reality. Merely telling them about the importance of their social lives is ineffective; they need to experience its significance firsthand. Based on this research, I decided to create a YouTube film that transforms our reality into their favorite video game. Suddenly, their game becomes more real than ever. My main character, Jack, embarks on a greedy and curious adventure, leading to the destruction of his entire island. Only when everyone is gone, due to his actions, does he realize that all his greed and possessions have become meaningless. Through this film, I hope to demonstrate to young people the importance of their social networks and help them regain some of their lost touch with reality.