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While focus often lies on the injured, 'Hersenschimmel' addresses the emotional toll on their loved ones.

When I was 12 years old my life changed instantly because of my father’s brain hemorrhage. I looked for solace but found little guidance for people like me—the family members and loved ones who also endured the trauma.

‘Hersenschimmel’ was born from this lack of guidance, dedicated to highlighting the often overlooked experiences of individuals whose loved ones suffer from acquired brain injuries. While much focuses upon the injured, the emotional toll on their loved ones often goes unaddressed.
Combining personal insights and creative skills, I crafted a book that bridges this gap. ‘Hersenschimmel’ features the poignant narratives of myself and five individuals I interviewed, each sharing their journey of supporting someone with a brain injury. These stories are enriched with cyanotype images and watercolour illustrations, adding depth to their experiences. When words fail, images speak volumes.

I aim to offer solidarity and a sense of community, reassuring readers they are not alone in their journey.