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Step into Floor's world and discover the daily accessibility challenges of navigating Breda's public spaces in a wheelchair

My project, Hindered, focuses on documenting the hidden obstacles in Breda’s public spaces through film. Accompanied by Floor, a 17-year-old wheelchair user, we captured various inaccessible locations, such as steep ramps, narrow pathways, and areas where necessary infrastructure like ramps are missing, causing Floor’s wheelchair to shake uncontrollably. These barriers significantly impact the daily lives of wheelchair users, limiting their independence and mobility.

By highlighting these challenges, our aim is to raise awareness about the importance of accessibility. The film not only shows the physical barriers but also features Floor’s personal experiences and insights. Through her narrative, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the struggles faced by wheelchair users. This project underscores the need for better urban planning and encourages community involvement in making Breda more accessible for everyone.