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Her work doesn't always have to melt at a specific temperature like silver, brass, or gold. It can also be poured in the form of an installation made of crackers. Bricks can be laid, crumbles got to crumble, they might be eaten but alas, she also spills sometimes.

Floor Marijnissen sets sail from personal memories. She often opens her diary to analyze herself. When she reads, she takes on the role of ‘Floor’ who doesn’t know herself. She wants to understand her own texts and language and writes in the form of metaphors that then become symbols recurring in her work. It’s about change, growth, and the growing pains that come with it. It’s about the stretch in time and the physical and mental stretch in the body. She tries to turn herself inside out, like a sleeve that you take with you while taking off a sweater, and to translate that experience into shape. Not to prevent you from having to take off that sleeve the wrong way, but so that you know that she sometimes does that too.