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'It is not only about functionality, design also tells a story.''

Imprint – Printed through Generations,’ is a tribute to my grandfather.

The handbook ‘Handbook for Screen Printing by Jan van Duppen,’ used by my grandfather during his work as a screen printer, became the subject of my book. I used all the text and images from the original handbook in my design. Inspired by books about textiles that use actual materials, I included screen printing materials in my book design.

The title symbolizes the impression my grandfather left on me. He was also a graphic designer, and now I am the new generation with the same fascination. I included personal elements such as fonts my grandfather liked, handwriting from my grandfather and grandmothers, and a foreword written by my father. I printed and bound the book myself, a nod to my grandfather’s craft.
This personal project reflects both emotional value and practical considerations in its design.