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An interactive theater experience for children.

Have you ever wondered what happens in an inventor’s workshop?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Melvin’s magical cart. A place where fantasy and interaction come together. Go on a journey with Twibble and Melvin and discover the secrets of their wondrous factory, where not everything is what it seems.

With my project, I aim to explore different ways in which children can interact with theater decor. As a young girl, my parents often took me to the theater, where I was repeatedly enchanted by the sets and stories. I couldn’t wait to step into those worlds myself and be part of the magic. That’s why I designed a decor that focuses on interaction and offers a unique experience that immerses the audience by tapping into all their senses. My goal is to inspire, enchant, and show the magic of theater, as I have always experienced it.

So, join Twibble on this magical journey and discover the mysteries of the factory yourself!