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‘‘Save the Scandinavian town from a mythical creature known as Nøkken, a shapeshifting monster who lures people into the depths of the water to drown.’’

Solveig, a young fisherwoman, has made a shocking discovery. The legend of Nøkken is terrifyingly real. Once just a cautionary tale to keep children away from the water, it has now come to life. Nøkken is back, luring people into the water by shapeshifting into their deepest desires.

Your mission is to trap the monster in the ancient stone to save the Scandinavian village — but beware, don’t be lured into the water yourself.

This concept book presents “Nøkken,” a dark boat ride that reimagines a Scandinavian folktale with a modern twist. Designed as a thrilling adventure for young adults, this ride blends myth and mystery into an unforgettable experience.