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“Ik vind het nu wel welletjes ga je weer? Maar kom je wel terug als je zin hebt of in de buurt bent. Of stuur een kaartje want ik hou van je” Els Pikaar (77)

My graduation project emerged from my deep connection with my grandmother, Els Pikaar, who suffered from dementia for eight years. The phrase above is a reminder of her love during her illness. This project is a tribute to her and an exploration of the meaning of connection, especially in the context of dementia.

I started giving workshops to elderly people with dementia, and the theme of connection quickly emerged.

From the conversations in the work sessions, audio clips, and quotes emerged that capture the essence of the word ‘connection.’ I incorporated these fragments into my final project: an orange plexiglass mailbox that visualizes different types of connections. The transparent mailbox displays various envelopes made from different types of paper and materials by people aged 3 to 100, all sharing stories about connection.

During my research, I focused on connecting generations through creating together.