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Our memories will keep on embracing us.

As a child, I was fascinated by collecting meaningful objects, a habit I acquired at my grandparents’ place. They collected all kinds of memories, each item holding a story of its own. Throwing things away was never an option, as objects represented a moment to reminisce. After my grandmother passed away, I clung even tighter to these memories.

“Omhels mij nog even” consists of three clothing pieces. Each garment is unique, much like the stories shared by their wearers about their lost loved ones. These items reflect cherished moments and are an ode to their special someone who has passed away. The clothes have a print that symbolizes a precious memory; this print is wrapped around the body, giving them a hug from their past and aiding in coping with feelings of grief. Through this exhibition, I want to invite visitors to connect with the touching stories and find value in their own cherished memories.