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The Netherlands is home to many beautiful, strange, and forgotten folktales. "Onder de maretak, tussen de heuvels" brings together a selection of tales about supernatural encounters.

“Onder de maretak, tussen de heuvels” (Underneath the Mistletoe, between the Hills) is an animated anthology that brings forgotten folktales from Limburg to life. Utilizing the innovative animation program Mental Canvas, the film draws from historical inspirations and fairytales to present a series of stories featuring mysterious apparitions and otherworldly encounters.

This film not only entertains but also aims to preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage embedded in these tales. By blending traditional storytelling with modern animation techniques, “Onder de maretak, tussen de heuvels” hopes to spark curiosity and a sense of wonder in the younger generations, ensuring that Limburg’s vibrant folklore continues to inspire for years to come.

To further engage viewers, the film is accompanied by a unique collection of cards, each featuring a story from the film on one side and an illustration on the other side. These cards serve as keepsakes and gateways to the rich cultural legacy of Limburg.