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Nominee Lucasprijs 2024

Do you know the impact of student debt?

In the board game (on)Schuldig, you step into the shoes of a student with student debt. The goal is to be the first to fully pay off your debt while keeping as much money as possible. In the game, players are confronted with scenarios from student life and must make choices that affect their financial future. This requires strategic thinking, making smart decisions, and sometimes taking risks.

But why student debt? In 2023, the number of young people under 25 with study debt increased to 631,000, of whom 14.3% also have consumer credit, for example with Klarna or Tinka. Student debts can cause stress, loneliness, and limit the possibilities of getting a mortgage in the future.

With the game (on)Schuldig, I aim to provide insight into student debt and its impact on daily life, with the goal of raising awareness about student debt.