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Hi, I am Fay, a graphic designer with a passion for books and print techniques. I work experimentally and visually, integrating print, styling, and typography.

My graduation project displays a chaos of images of different o’s, reflecting my graduation process. I struggled a lot to come up with an assignment for myself, and my process was chaotic and disorganized. I experimented and reflected a lot on my own work. Eventually, I chose the o as a framework, which provided the structure I needed. While it happened to be the o, it could have been something else. This project combines the abstraction of graphic design with my love for typography. Through this process, I learned how I work, experiment, and execute assignments. It is within the constraints of an assignment that I find my creative freedom as a designer, playing with the rules and the assignment itself, where true creativity, intuition, experimentation, and reflection on creation come together.

In my working method, I always combine my analog sketches and designs with the digital world. For this project, I had no prior knowledge of video editing and screen installations, but this, along with the o, sparked my drive to create. I tried new things and let the process unfold, just like my graduation process.