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Thoughts and ideas become tangible entities at leisure.

I am a wanderer, a city nomad. Who works with whatever it bumps a foot against. Without a fixed medium, rather a crater of residue that keeps spewing until there is a revelation there, what has lingered in the in-between of fact and fiction. Rich in presentation, empty in matter. Within that same looseness, it finds existence and radiance. With urge to slip out of functionality.

It always starts with a walk. This is how I am enchanted by the versatility of public space. A deep urge to walk. I pause and take time at situations and objects that would fleetingly pass me by with a vehicle. On foot as an authentic form. It is a constant journey of discovery through a seemingly ‘familiar’ landscape. The fact that all possible psychogeographical variations can occur in the city is a wondrous thing. Thoughts and ideas become tangible entities at leisure.