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There is a parade, everyone is present, you are walking along, everyone is.

On that day, everyone was the same size.

There is a parade, everyone is present, and you are walking along with everyone else. Everybody is the same size, about three centimeters. It has been done this way because we thought it seemed convenient; we can all see each other well. You don’t have a clear idea of where the parade is heading; you may even have no idea at all. A few creatures ahead of you seem to know. Not that they actually know, they must have convinced themselves, but you do not know that.
So, you just follow.

Maris van Roosmalen creates creatures from papier-mâché, cardboard, tape, and graffiti. These creatures are captured on a green screen and then placed in a world of timelessness, where time and space are untraceable. The video is projected inside the mouth of a giant worm-like creature. It is an infinite journey through a world of timeless void.