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By portraying menstruation in a ‘slice of life’ film, I aim to make it a more approachable topic for young women and combat menstrual shame, exposing the problematic cultural influences that still exist.

In this coming-of-age narrative, the story unfolds around 12-year-old Elin. Her once fantasy-filled world crumbles when she experiences her first menstruation. Confronted with the expectations of others, she not only faces an altered self-image but also a strained bond with her mother. As her body changes, Elin tries to navigate through the fragile transition from childhood to adolescence.

As a storyteller, I aim to capture the diversity and complexity that human experiences carry. Using the coming-of-age genre, I tell stories with a hint of surrealism, immersing my viewers in my characters’ worlds.

By addressing social themes like our internalized expectations of women and childlike wonder, I highlight societal issues through realistic female characters. Using a ‘slice of life’ approach, I present simple yet intimate moments, challenging viewers to see the world from another perspective.