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In capturing a place within my work, I respond to the urge to claim it as my own. Like a hermit crab selecting a shell to settle into, I immerse myself in my creations as if they were my home.

I’m always moving towards a place that does not exist. I follow mental footpaths and signposts. I am guided by the things that I have day-dreamed, but I’ll never lose my way here. My work sprouts from a fascination with all the places I can remember, whether they exist or not. On a scale of 1 to 15540, the trail remains clear, the landscapes rearrange themselves without earthquakes or landslides, the door falls into the lock without a bang or a click, rock formations clink against each other like a wind chime, the end of the kitchen and the beginning of the glacier merge into each other. By capturing a place in a work, I respond to the desire to claim that place as my own. Fleeting but tangible, transparent and shreddable, I am still on the move, will you wait for me, there where you do not exist?