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"As a production designer, I create worlds. As an art director, I give them foundation. As a set dresser, I bring them to life."

Filmmaking is a magical process where a team of passionate and talented individuals bring a story to life, each contributing their expertise. As a production designer, Zoey aims to physically represent the story and its message through symbolism, often using color and texture to create deeper layers of meaning and connection. An example of this is her first graduation project ‘Pepita’, where she uses textures to accentuate a safe and soft environment, transitioning throughout the film to more harsh structures.

Themes Zoey explores in her work include emotional experience and expression, particularly in relation to taboos and stereotypes. Her focus extends to topics like life and death, identity, and power structures. Her second graduation project, ‘NEVEL’, intertwines past and present to explore the impact of trauma on identity. Zoey’s goal with every project is to provoke thought and invite audiences to see and experience the world in new ways.