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Can we transform our fear of the future into hope and trust through collaboration with nature?

In the interactive installation ‘Pulse of the Collective,’ you, as a visitor, communicate with an exceptionally intelligent being: the slime mold. Originating from decaying organic material, the slime mold forms the ‘meeting point’ between humans, nature, and technology. Inspired by research where slime molds mimic complex systems, Dinke shows how technology can connect us to nature. Using modern technology, she shapes the similarities between humans and nature and the bond that has always existed but is repeatedly forgotten.
Through sensors, your breathing in this installation influences the growth pattern of the slime mold, which is made visible through visualizations. Interact with the slime mold and each other, and be fascinated by this symbiotic experience and the potential of nature.

Dinke van der Zalm, an eco-artist, combines biology, technology, and art to transform fear of our future into hope and trust in nature.