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My work explores human connections and the impact of socially learned behaviors. I create nature-inspired sculptures and clothing printed with leaves to facilitate interactive performances. Through these artworks, I challenge traditional settings and provoke questions about how we experience genuine connections.

My work focuses on the foundation of our society: the potential contact that we sometimes overlook—the conversation. I am fascinated by how we, as humans, connect with each other and how our socially learned behavior influences this. We meet in specific ways and ask the same questions within certain frameworks. While this can be useful, I believe it can also deprive us of the essence of true connection.

My artistic practice responds to this. I explore whether my art can alter familiar settings and observe how this change affects our connections. My sculptures, inspired by natural enclosures, invite performers to engage with them, questioning the interaction with the audience. The performers wear clothing I create, printed with leaves. I treat this clothing as sculptures, allowing it to function as wearable body enclosures. I prefer to show my work outside in nature, bringing it back to its origin.