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My ancestors had to keep this a secret, but I believe the world is ready to know about Zhaloseah and its beautiful creatures!

Zhaloseah, a world hidden within ours, is filled with fantasy creatures that have never been seen by our eyes before. Scarlett Viridian and her female lineage have the ability to travel to this world. With her sketchbook and pencil in hand, she documents all she encounters. And now, you can see it too…

In this edition, you can read about the journey of Scarlett Viridian, my great-great-great-great grandmother, the first woman in my family to visit Zhaloseah. She accidentally stumbled upon a portal and was the only one who could use it to travel to this other world. During her travels, she kept this notebook with her, describing and drawing each creature she found. Unbeknownst to her, her female descendants would later use it to navigate through Zhaloseah.